High albedo heat reflective paint

Radiation design by CGI mesh modeling. Should illustrate the point nicely!

High albedo heat reflective paint

Curbs provide several advantages: The neat, straight lines of curbs add to the attractiveness of parking lots and streets, and the commonly used expression "curb appeal" implies that attractiveness of adjacent properties are also enhanced by sharp demarcations between streets and lawns.

The confining of flexible pavements by concrete curbs improves compaction during construction and helps maintain the integrity of edges under traffic.

The added thickness given to edges of concrete pavements by integral curbs increase strength and stiffness, reduce deflections induced by traffic loads, and therefore extends pavement life.

Curbs reduce the amount of space or right-of-way required for a street by eliminating drainage swales and their flat side slopes; curbs also reduce the lengths of driveways built from streets to homes or businesses.


In some jurisdictions where both curbed and uncurbed streets are allowed by subdivision ordinances, streets with curbed sections require less dedicated right-of-way than streets without curbs, for example 50 ft for local streets with curbs, or 60 ft for local streets without curbs.

The elimination of drainage swales also reduces maintenance by eliminating the cleaning of ditches, the mowing of ditch banks, and the care of culverts and their end sections that carry water under driveways.

High albedo heat reflective paint

Light reflective surfaces of concrete curbs delineate pavement edges and improve visibility for drivers at night, thus promoting safety. Where there are no concrete curbs to outline the edges of roads and streets, it is now common practice to mark the pavement edges with stripes of white paint.

Curbs improve the efficiency of street sweepers by concentrating debris for easy, mechanical pickup, as opposed to having it scattered along shoulders and drainage swales where it must be picked up by hand. Concrete curbs have the integrity to withstand the impacts of snowplows.

A comparison of pavement sections with curbs and without curbs is shown in this figure, illustrating the advantages in land use provided by concrete curbs. It should be noted that most of the advantages listed above pertain only to concrete curbs or concrete curbs and gutters that extend down to the bottom of pavements.

Adding asphalt curbs along the edges of asphalt pavements cannot provide the confinement to improve compaction or other long-term benefits.Vinayak Summer SealCool Roof Paint isahigh albedo product having Solar Reflectance of and Emissivity as high as The Solar Reflective Index (SRI) for Summer Seal is SRI – Vinayak Summer Seal heat reflective paint has SRI value of as per ASTM/LEEDS standards for .

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For larger family homes, HOA and multi-family residences, s chools, apartment buildings,. commercial and municipal buildings.

high albedo heat reflective paint Sunsheetal® is based on polyurethane-acrylic blended elastomeric aqueous polymers. It is a high thermal emittance ceramic coating useful in the world of industrial and commercial buildings, as a roof coating system that has the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun. Vinayak Summer Seal heat reflective paint is approved by IGBC for high albedo coatings and also is listed in approved product directory of IGBC. Vinayak Summer Seal Paint has been tested for various technical values like adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, water permeability, anti-fungal properties etc. Monarch High albedo paint protect your roof from the deterioration caused by the sun's heat and UV radiation – heat absorption, asphalt breakdown, and thermal shock from heating/cooling cycles. Monarch High albedo paint provide a highly reflective, seamless solar barrier, protecting your roof against the corrosive elements that lead to.

In order to benefit from our heat-reflective chemistry and extended lifecycle durability, our exterior cool paints and cool coating for walls systems are . As a follow-up to my controversial post on the effect of infrared “back radiation” downwelling from the colder sky to the warmer surface, the existence of which some dispute (despite the real-time availability of such data), I’ve come up with an experimental setup to see how IR radiation from the sky influences air temperature near the ground.

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